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im trying to get my sister to try acid cause i wont do it without her(its a family thing). so i was wondering if anybody could give me good reasons to tell her to get her to try it. cause i REALLY want to.
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* because you can't lose your mind forever, only a couple of months at a time

* because does she want to die saying, "oh hell, i never tried acid." ? of course not. who does?

oooooh i havent tried those yet. thanks!
i dunno. i wouldn't beg my sister to try it. i'm more of a "when she's ready, she'll ask me, and then we'll talk"

i enjoy it very much, yes, but i just don't like pushing others to do it. especially my lil sis. when she was ready to smoke pot, she came to me and then we did it. i'd rather wait till they are ready.

plus if you push her, she may have a bad trip.
thats true but she just thinks its bad and thier are only bad trips if your on it. so i wanted to get good things too.
show me that chick that doesn't want acid!!!
in our fuckin ukraine almost everybody wants 2 try it but almost nobody can get it...
tell her that she must be happy that she can do it
she SHOULD be happy cause she can. most people i know cant get it but when i switched schools because i was "bad" i found tons of people. ill tell her so.
If she thinks it's "bad"(psshh) then theres no fixing her, she'll have to learn on her own whats the big deal, or isn't bad..sry im kinda oxycodoned right now ...cant think to smoothly.
she only wants shrooms so we are compromising.
I dont think its a good idea. If anything, you should break this "fAMILY" thing and do it with someone else you trust who wants to do it. Plus, if she does it only because you want her to then she might not have a good trip. If shes not ready for it, then let her be.
Family on drugs.... hm.... no good from my experience.
hey u should tell her that its fun and amazing, lsd opens ur mind , ur soul lmaoo i tried it for the first time not that long ago and it was ammazing utterly amazing( eww i just said utterly) we were all cutting our hair and jumping outta of windows, also its very hard to overdose on acid u need tons and tons, and u will only go into a bad trip if ur scared or feel insercure,, well i would say do it and make sure u have body paints and lots of fun stuff *thumbs up*